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Good Shepherd, Great Physician

Good Shepherd, Great Physician

Karen was asking for a miracle. But it wouldn’t have been the first miracle in the life of Aram, this young single mother.

Last year, Aram was looking for someone to help her and her seven-year-old son. She not only needed a place to live, she needed a place to get healthy. Aram was suffering from a variety of health problems. She was also pregnant again.

As Aram searched online for a place that would take her in, she came across a website with the contact information for the Abundant Life Home (ALH) and Pi Ganiga, the housemother. She immediately called Pi Ganiga and quickly began to get the help that she was looking for.

“The miraculous thing is,” said Karen, founder and director of ALH in Chonburi, “we don’t have a website! We have no idea how Aram found us online.” Karen had searched the Internet for any sign of a website that listed her orphanage, but she found nothing. “We like to joke now that an angel put up a website just for that day so Aram could get into contact with us. God is a good shepherd who loves to do miracles so the lost can be found!”

Aram certainly felt lost. In 2014, when the tsunami hit Phuket, Thailand, both of her parents drowned as she hung onto a coconut tree to save her own life. That tragedy left her in turmoil, and very alone. In her vulnerable state, Aram was taken advantage of by others and suffered horrible abuse. That led to years of destructive patterns of addiction and struggling to survive in whatever way she could.

Finally, in desperation, Aram looked for help online and miraculously found ALH.

Shortly after arriving at ALH in December 2015, Aram came to faith in Christ. She became involved at the Ang Sila Church and began to grow and heal. As the love of God flooded her heart, she forgave those who had taken advantage of her since she was a child.

But Aram’s struggles weren’t over. Months later, in June 2016, Aram was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and told that she would need surgery on her liver. Then, shortly after, she experienced another tragedy – the death of her newborn baby daughter.

“She never gave up,” Karen said. “Even as she faced the surgery, she talked about someday becoming a house mom at ALH and serving the Lord with all of her heart.” Karen and the others at ALH and Ang Sila Church kept praying for Aram, and they kept believing that God would heal her. At times, they saw glimpses. On one occasion, they watched as her bright yellow eyes – the damaging effect of Hepatitis – regained their natural colour as they prayed.

In another email to friends and supporters, Karen broke out into earnest intercession on behalf of Aram:

“Father, we take authority over all of the schemes of the enemy to bring disease and death to Aram’s body. We praise you that her soul is alive and free to worship you! We declare your healing over all illness in Aram’s body, for we know that by your stripes she is healed. Thank you for how your blood is able to cover and protect her from all harm and injury. Be glorified and lifted up as you restore Aram to full health. Give her many more years to raise her children and to serve you in Thailand so that your Good News would continue to go out to the lost and hurting. We ask for a miracle, to make your name known here so that many will come to faith in Christ. You will prevail, O Lord, for there is none like you in the heavens above or in the earth below. In the name of Jesus, amen.”

The very next week, as the doctors prepared for the surgery, they did a scope on the liver and found cancer: three tumorous cysts entrenched into Aram’s liver, tangled deep into the tissue. The surgeons emphasized that the surgery would be complicated and Aram’s chance of survival would be slim.

As the day of the surgery came, the doctors decided to delay it because Aram’s blood was not clotting. They collected six extra bags of blood in anticipation of the re-scheduled surgery on Monday. Karen and the others kept praying. But then, as the doctor did another scope on Monday, he could not believe what he saw. He was confused and decided to delay the surgery again until Wednesday.

On Wednesday, after another scope, the doctor confirmed that the tumors were gone and there was no longer any trace of cancer in Aram’s liver. “It is impossible,” the doctor said simply.

Karen replied, “With God, all things are possible! He is the Good Shepherd and the Great Physician!”

Almost immediately, Karen was updating friends and supporters who had joined her in praying for Aram. “I wish you could have been here to experience the joy and spontaneous praise that broke out everywhere as the story about Aram got out. Aram herself was jumping! She couldn’t stop testifying to anyone that would listen that she was healed by God and would now be around to raise her son! She told us that she now wants to go to Bible School – for at least ten years! She wants to serve God and become a house mom at ALH. She wants it all – all that Jesus has for her!”

By Mark JH Klassen