Summer 2018

Ambassadors for Reconciliation

Think Differently

Many of you are familiar with Yosemite National Park in California and you probably know that rock climbers gather there from around the world to test their skills on the amazing granite cliffs.

Questions about Jesus

People from all over Central Asia send us messages with questions about Jesus. They watch our TV programs and take our online Bible courses and then they write to us with their questions or their objections.

After the Flood

Ruth watched as floodwaters flowed through her village. The rains had been falling for months. It was the spring of 2017 and the worst flooding Northern Peru had seen in fifty years.


“It is good to be with you,” Elmer Idrobo said quietly. “I thank God that I am able to be with North Americans, and have no desire to kidnap or kill them.” Then he smiled.

An Eager Crowd

Bounmee was invited to baptize ten new believers in a small Khmu village. One of his co-workers had planted a church in the village and these ten people were ready to publically declare their commitment to Jesus.

Rabbit, Oscar & Cougar

“Rabbit was in big trouble,” John Johnstone said as he shook his head gravely. “I could see Cougar hiding behind the tall grass along the fence. The next thing you know, wham! Cougar swipes out a paw and scoops him up.”

Spring 2018

The Peace of Jesus

The Peace of Jesus

On a recent trip to India, I visited with two brothers who are boldly living on mission with Jesus.


Pastor Isaiah knew it wouldn’t be easy. Ever since he first started making trips from Thailand back into his home country of Myanmar, he sensed the need for courage and perseverance.

Learning to Fight the Spirits

“I’d never done an exorcism before,” admitted Phil Bergen, long-term worker in Burkina Faso.

The Impossible

“I forgot my medication!” Ponge apologized, knowing that his forgetfulness meant a full day’s delay for us to get him back to Bible school.


She was standing alone on the side of the road in the remote hills of Myanmar.

Refuge in Jesus

An Interview with a Syrian Refugee

Let's Go

Phil Wagler, Mission Mobilizer, sat down with Evelyn Wiens, former MB Mission worker in Ukraine to talk about how she and her husband, John, decided to ignore retirement and instead make a ten-year commitment to serving in Ukraine.

Winter 2018

The Gospel of Peace

Foundations for Peacemaking

Five hundred years ago in Europe, in the wake of the Protestant Reformation, many of the early Anabaptists were challenging society to embrace Christ’s teaching to love one’s enemies.

The Cry for Freedom

We hadn’t done anything, but we were there with them. Standing close enough to feel their grief. So close that our tears fell on each other’s shoulders while they shook. These were no longer just stories. These were people. Friends. Precious friends.

Peace to this House

“I often feel more like a spectator than a church planter,” says Daniel (all names have been changed to respect privacy). For the past few years, he has been church planting with the C2C Network among First Peoples in North America.

Black and White

My grandfather was a shaman, a witchdoctor. As animists, we believed that our lives were controlled by spirits. But because a shaman could control these spirits, my grandfather gave one to my mother.

September Rain

“I was kneeling before Jesus Christ,” Ashraf told me. “He was standing there, right in front of me, looking at me. He was full of love and peace, and I was completely overwhelmed!"

Hope is Louder

The explosions and gunfire are deafening, the streets littered with fragments of painted walls from kindergartens and schools. That is everyday life in eastern Ukraine.

Ribbons of Grace

Last week, my daughter, Abbie, and I spent a couple of hours repairing some broken pottery. We glued the pieces together and then highlighted the cracks with pretty colours and patterns. Yes, we highlighted the cracks.

Fall 2017

One Mission: Global

One Mission: Global

On a recent flight from North Africa to Turkey, I met an elderly Middle Eastern man who is a prominent architect and businessman.

Still Smiling

We waded out until the salty warm water reached our waists’ height before stopping to smile at each other.

The Runaway

She wore her shame like a second skin. For most of her life, Suree was convinced that she was branded, forever destined to pay penance for her sins, and always on the run.

Two Meters Square

When armed rebels announced that they were taking over the village, the two hundred inhabitants were told they had two hours to vacate, or be shot.

Change One Life

“When I was three months old, my parents brought me to an orphanage,” Saikhnaa explained about her childhood in Mongolia. “I was the third daughter in my family. They didn’t want me.”


An Interview with Gord Fleming, Director of the C2C Church Planting Network