C0726 FOCUS Support and Resourcing


FOCUS is the banner name for MB Mission’s global worker development. It begins with an apprenticeship of three years, which is essentially the worker’s first term of service, and then continues as ongoing resourcing throughout their years of service as members of our global team.

  • Apprenticeship: Gifts to this project alleviate the costs of tuition and travel and subsidizes salaries and benefits of these new workers during the training phase in Abbotsford, BC. This enables our missionaries to more quickly achieve their support-raising needs and speed their ability to get to their ministry placement.
  • Ongoing Resourcing: Gifts to this project increase our capacity to resource our workers with excellence, to develop new platforms and technologies for missionary development, and to enable workers to take meaningful sabbaticals and study leaves that foster resilience and excellence for the long haul.