C0488 Ukraine Church Planting


Churches in Ukraine are reaching out to marginalized people such as orphans, youth at risk, internally displaced people, and families in crisis. The vision is to see multiplying churches that use a holistic approach to serve and transform local communities.

Country: Ukraine

Project #: C0488

Needed: $70,900 (USD)

The church-planting ministry in Ukraine is supported by national Association of Mennonite Brethren Churched of Ukraine (AMBCU). Currently, this association unites six churches located in Balkovoye, Nikolay Pole, Molochansk, Zaporozhye, Berdyansk and Kherson and two churches located in Russian-occupied Crimea. There are three church plants where faith communities are just beginning to be formed: Tokmak, Andreevka and Avdeevka (the last two of which are located in the war zone).

Relief ministry is reaching out to needy people in the war zone with food, medicine, water and the Word of God. Effort is being made in youth and family ministry. Church leaders are committed to holistic ministry that transforms communities.