Selwyn Uittenbosch

Location: Western Canada
Position: Lead Team, Finance
Project #: C0294

Phone: 866.964.7627

I am captured by the words of Psalm 33:12, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." Can you imagine it? Not just individuals, but entire nations transformed by the message of the gospel! Try to picture entire nations who acknowledge personally and corporately that Jehovah God is Lord! Wow…what would that look like?

At MB Mission I delight in the opportunity to come alongside a team of passionate, sold out folks who are working at the grass-roots level to plant churches globally—to bring about community, regional, and national transformation. My contribution is to put processes and procedures in place that will keep pace with the changing needs of getting the gospel out to cultures around the world in ways that will lead to such transformation. Whether processing donations or reporting activities, the system should always enhance our mission work, not hinder it!

MY aim is to create systems that will be seamless, simple, effective, and accurate for both our missionaries and the constituency. As I help administer this large program that is dependent upon the Spirit working in the hearts of churches and individuals, I want to lead in faith. God is the source of our resources—and He, much more than I, knows how cities and nations can be transformed by the arrival of the Holy Spirit through the intercession of Christians served by this agency.

Spouse: Helen
Children: Derrick, Trevor, Kristyn, Stephanie

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