Esau, Jon & Bonnie

Country: Thailand

Jon and Bonnie are serving in Chian Mai as a part of the Southeast Asia Regional Team. They will be establishing a new structure of language learning and cultural acquisition for all new incoming workers, and developing systems to empower Thai and Khmu leaders in church planting. Bonnie is also involved with the Bible Study ministry at the Juvenile Detention Center.

Project #: C0632
Home Church: Central Community Church, Chilliwack, BC
Birthdates: Jon (June 10), Bonnie (July 21), Callie (June 30, 2009), Marek (May 15, 2012)

Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom, passion and direction from God as they try to plant a self-sustainable, reproducing church
  • For opportunities for evangelism and for many people to come to Christ
  • For “balance” as they juggle continued language study, family life and ministry
  • For protection spiritually, physically and mentally as they serve in a highly Buddhist and spiritually oppressive country


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