Block, Barbara

Country: India

Barbara works at Kodaikanal International School, a Christian Multicultural Residential school, in S. India. She teaches art, and works as High School Coordinator for grades 9-12. Students come from 25-30 nationalities, the majority from within Asia. Many are from non-Christian homes.

She also works with Bethania Home for Children, which takes in children in need. Around 45 children are supported by the home, a Christian NGO, with 35 in residence. These children have lost one or both parents, and come from homes where they could not be cared for. Bethania offers a safe home in a rural, farm setting, and a chance to grow up with a knowledge of Jesus’ love for them.

Project #: C0315
Home Church: Forest Grove Community Church, Saskatoon, SK
Birthdate: October 24

Prayer Requests:

•    That Barbara will be a clear and faithful witness to Jesus in her life and words
•    For KIS, that staff will come who have a call from God to work in this setting and who see the mission of working with these students
•    For Bethania kids to find it a safe place, where they can learn to know Jesus. Pray for the staff, that they will have a real love for the children, and be patient with children who have experienced pain and rejection. Pray that they will find “ a safe place to feel at home”.

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