Burkina Faso

Bergen, Phil & Carol

Country: Burkina Faso

Phil and Carol and their local partners are involved in developing, translating and publishing Nanerige and Jula language scripture teaching materials, as well as sharing the Good News, planting churches, discipling new believers, and raising up leaders among the Nanerige people.

Projects:Nanerige Church Planting

Personal Details

Project #: C0011
Home Church: Shafter MB Church, Shafter, CA
Birthdates: Phil (November 2), Carol (May 4)

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Prayer Requests:

•    For a powerful witness by the new believers in their communities
•    For the evangelical Mennonite churches of Burkina, that the Holy Spirit would move among them and raise up new leaders who would direct others to a right relationship with God
•    That the Bergens would continue to grow in their joy in sharing the faith

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