SOAR | ESSOR Montréal

SOAR | ESSOR Montréal provide an opportunity for English and French speaking people to experience and demonstrate the transforming power of Christ’s love in Quebec, North America's largest unreached people group.

Experience the difference of living life on mission together. We are a community that has been touched by God's love. He has given us new LIFE and we are moved to love others in return, particularly those who live in Montreal. SOAR Montreal is a 10-day mission training opportunity for French and English speakers. You may form a team from your church or school, or come on your own and be placed on exciting team of new friends.

When: 2017 July 7-18

Cost:  $495

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ACTION Ontario

2017 April 30 - June 9

A six-week discipleship training program and mission internship alongside exciting long-term global missionary teams in places like Thailand, Portugal, Mexico, the Congo and more. This program is for young adults who follow Christ, desire ministry experience and have a growing passion for mission. Allow us to help you discern your gifts and discover more of the call God has for your life.

Cost:  $4000 - $5500 (depending on cost of international flights)

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2017 July 8 - August 6

A French-speaking discipleship training and mission program. It is run in collaboration with our French Mennonite partners in the Alsace region of France. You must be able to function in a fully French environment to participate. Teams are trained and sent to serve across France and Africa.  We hope you will discover God’s heart for the french-speaking world and demonstrate his love in regions where is is most needed.

Cost: $2400/1400€

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