June 2018

I spent the day with thirty-five pastors and leaders from Nebraska, Montana, Minnesota, and the Dakotas unpacking together what it means at the local church level to live on One Mission - locally, nationally and globally. The highlight of the day for me was meeting Claude Tamba Tamba, a Congolese refugee and church planter now living in Sioux Falls. District Minister Rick Eshbaugh has been trying to get us connected for a while, and now I understand why.

Claude is from Eastern Congo where his whole family was killed in tribal conflicts and he himself was tortured for many weeks. God sovereignly spared his life and called him to be an ambassador to the nations. Stripped naked, chained and beaten, Claude was denied food and water for thirty-three days. In the anointing of the Spirit, he told his captors he would not die, but they would testify to God’s call on his life. He was the only prisoner to survive. As a refugee in Kenya and Uganda, Claude then planted three churches. He knew who he was, and who had called him. When he was accepted as a refugee to United States, he found a job along with many other immigrants in a meat-packing plant. One day at the plant, he recognized one of the men who had tortured him in Congo. He approached him with a smile and shared the love of Christ with him. The man’s fear turned to amazement as he heard Claude’s testimony. They are now friends.

After weeks of prayer in their bedroom, Claude and his wife birthed a church. When God brought others to them, the prayer meeting grew to their living room and eventually outgrew that as well. This local church has outgrown several meeting places now and continues to grow. Claude continues to visit the churches that he planted in East Africa and also links those churches to our network in the region. He has become a bridge between the continents and the churches. I love Claude’s urgency regarding sharing the Gospel with lost people, birthing churches in prayer and linking the church locally and globally. He had an impact on all who attended today. It’s One Mission! We are doing this together!

Randy Friesen
General Director

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Claude as he leads this network of churches, that God would continue to call people to himself through this story of forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • Pray that the church would embrace this vision of mission: local, national and global, and that together, we can think differently about mission.
  • Please pray for the ICOMB (International Community of Mennonite Brethren) meetings happening next week. Pray that the Holy Spirit will impact our global MB family as we gather together.
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Physical slavery is prevalent around the world; it takes many forms. Individuals and people groups are in bondage. Guest speaker, Randy Friesen has seen the amazing power of the Gospel to bring freedom to the oppressed. In our own lives, we can find ourselves enslaved – to sin and to fear. How can we be free? Knowing who we are in Christ is vital to our freedom.
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