When I first met Wicki, last June, she was a distraught, frightened and angry woman! Loan sharks were calling on her everyday, threatening to hurt her if she did not pay back her debt. Deep down, our church felt as overwhelmed and afraid as she did. But, as Wicki, her son (age 12) and daughter (age 18) opened their hearts to Christ’s love and put their faith in Jesus, we began to slowly see God remove each “Goliath” she faced. A huge debt, an abusive, alcoholic husband and extreme poverty were just a few. All we could do was cry,”Have mercy on Wicki, God!” Since that time God has indeed shown us his great mercy.

God has given Wicki a great job cleaning with missionaries who love her as part of their family. The loan sharks agreed to a debt re-payment plan and she has worked hard with God’s help to pay off her debt. As her husband’s abuse and violence increased, God helped her flee from him. TLC [Our church in Thailand] was able to give her shelter and safety.

Today, Wicki has become someone who we hardly recognize! She is living in her own place, supporting her family and enjoying her job cleaning and serving at the church. The best part about seeing Wicki these days is seeing the peace and laughter that lights up her face. She loves to study God’s Word weekly, was recently baptized and never misses a day to say thank you to God for all he has done for her.

But that isn’t the end of the story! Another great miracle soon followed. Pastor Somchai visited Banphote, Wicki’s husband. He was so drunk that he couldn’t even stand up and kept saying: “I want to die.” Since then, Pastor Somchai and the Promise Church have had the joy of leading Banphote to a new life in Christ. He now faithfully attends the Promise Church and is learning to walk with Jesus day by day.

by the Sinclair-Peters family, Thailand