The Treasure hunt

As part of our HADIME discipleship training program, it was time to put into practice what we had been learning. God was inviting us to go and minister in the small towns around Guadalajara.

Each town was different, and needed a different strategy.

And so, we gathered in small groups and began to listen to the Lord together. What did he want us to do in this town of Huaxtla? Who did he want us to bless? We asked him for a name, a need, a place, a color of clothing, some hint as to what he was already doing here. It was a treasure hunt.

One group of students had the name “Stella” come to mind. We spent some time walking around the town asking about her. Some of the townspeople became very curious.

“Yes, we know Stella,” they said. “What do you want with her?”

“She is God’s treasure,” we said. “And he has sent us to bless her.”

Astounded, some of the townspeople led us to Stella’s house. When we met Stella at last, we explained that we had been sent by God to find her, bless her and pray with her. Stella was moved to tears, and began to share about her life, and we prayed for healing for the painful experiences of her past. When we left that village, we wondered if we would ever see her again.

A few months later we felt led by God to begin a bible study there, right in the middle of the town square, with a number of women who had expressed interest. And it was there that Stella found us, just as we had found her. It was with joy and excitement that she opened the new Bible we gave her for the very first time, and turned with us to the story of Zacchaeus. We were talking about the profound fact that Jesus knew Zacchaeus by name, even before they had actually met. Stella’s face lit up as she heard this story.

“I know what that’s like!” she cried. “Even before you met me, God told you my name!”

Pray for Stella and for the other women in this Bible study, that God may continue to do his work in the town of Huaxtla, where he has hidden many treasures for us to find.

By Jen Schmidt

Jen is one of the leadership team at the Matthew Training Center in Guadalajara, where she equips others for mission through spiritual discipleship, specialized training, and the coordination of short-term mission teams.