The Jeweler and the Tailor

They had been friends for many years. Many cups of tea. Many discussions about life. Games of chess. Friendly arguments about religion and politics. Two white-haired men in a small town in Central Asia, prominent businessmen and leaders in their Muslim community.

One day, the tailor found a dusty Bible on the shelf in his shop. He brought it to the jeweler and said, “Let’s read it.” They were curious.

So, over more cups of tea, they began to read the Bible together. The two friends were amazed at what they found. They continued to read for years until they both became convinced that they must become followers of Jesus. Soon after their decision, the tailor said to the jeweler, “We can’t be isolated believers. We need to be a part of a church.”

The old men prayed sincerely and went on Google to find a church. They were overwhelmed by what they found online – so many different churches! After further prayer, they felt directed to a particular church in the city, a two-hour drive from their town.

At the church, they met a young man who greeted them warmly and agreed to meet with them regularly. Twice a week, every week, the men made the two-hour drive into the city to study the Bible with their new friend and brother. He became their teacher. He discipled them and told them about baptism.

“I want to be baptized in the sea,” said the jeweler. And so he was.

Today, these two men continue to meet regularly with their teacher and they share the Gospel with others wherever they go.

Please pray for the jeweler and the tailor and the work of the Gospel in their country. Pray also for the teacher who continues to disciple them. He is a key church leader in Central Asia and a strategic partner for MB Mission’s work in that part of the world.