God is Big Enough

God is getting our attention. It is amazing how he does this. We have seen him use rain storms, monks and even snakes to bring people to repentance.

We had been building trust with a man named Thaw for a long time. Although he was no longer one of our English students, he would often come to the Hope Center to seek advice. One day Thaw came to the Hope Center and asked whether our God was really greater than the spirits, whether Jesus really had the power to protect him. We assured him that our God is big enough. So Thaw made a decision that week to return all his idols and amulets to the temple.

At the temple one of the head monks asked him what he was doing. Did he even know this Christian God for whom he was giving up his idols? Thaw admitted that he did not yet know this God. Surprisingly, the monk then advised him to go and to get to know this God first, before making such a costly decision. So Thaw took back his idols, returned to the Hope Center and prayed for God to come into his life and reveal himself!

Another night we had a guest speaker at the Hope Center. One of the families that came had been fighting amongst themselves on the way to the event, and were still so angry when they arrived that two of the family members refused to come in to the building. The speaker delivered her message to those inside, and then during a time of prayer we interceded for the two angry individuals who were waiting outside in the back of a pick-up truck.

Suddenly it began to pour rain. The two individuals in the back of the truck were forced to move under the awning of the Hope Center for shelter. A neighbor of the Hope Center then came over to let them know that a boa constrictor had just been chased out from amongst the parked vehicles, and that they were not sure where it had gone. Alarmed, both family members came inside the Hope Center and, before long, they were both opening up their hearts to God and receiving prayer!

Rain, snakes, monks - God will do anything to get the attention of the people he loves!

By Rebecca Hiebert