A Foot in Both Worlds

He had a foot in both worlds. Even though he only had one foot.

Sonam lost his leg over ten years ago in a tractor accident. We helped him to purchase a prosthetic leg, but even so it was hard to find work. He and his father were farmers, living on a tiny piece of land perched on a steep mountainside. Their financial state, like their farm, was always precarious. There was no other industry in his tiny farming community, no factories or shops where he could find work after the accident. And without two legs, Sonam could not even do seasonal construction work. The driver who was at fault in the accident that cost Sonam his leg had refused to pay any compensation. Between his disabilities, medications needed and the injustice of the driver’s refusal to pay, life was grim.

Buddhism offered him a way out, if he were willing to pay the price.

Local Buddhist leaders offered Sonam lifetime financial support if he would become a monk and join the monastery. It was tempting. But we encouraged him not to give up hope, or give in to bitterness. Over time Sonam began to see that God had both saved his life and also provided caring Christian friends. He began to express consistent thankfulness, and slowly his heart changed. Sonam eventually dropped his lawsuit against the driver who crippled him, and instead chose to forgive him. He began looking for ways to help others in need, working with the physically challenged in his community and even training for the Special Olympics. Sonam became a leader. And his village noticed.

The villagers grew to respect Sonam more and more, and chose him as their leader. And the position came with a government pay cheque! When Sonam found out, he texted us immediately, praising God for this provision, thanking him over and over and over again. Pray that Sonam would depend totally on Jesus, and plant both feet firmly in the Kingdom of God.

We first wrote about Sonam in the summer 2016 publication of the Witness.

By S&S