God is transforming lives in mission and we would like to share these stories of transformation with you. Read about God's work in the stories from our missionaries and short term mission teams.

Recently, we tried something new. We took a group of almost twenty youth to a nearby park where we spent an afternoon getting to know each other, sharing a meal together, doing team-building activities on a ropes course and asking each other open-ended questions about faith and life.

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Several months ago when we made the decision to stay in Northern Thailand and join the team in Chiang Mai, one of the things on my heart was to have a couple of Thai women that I could befriend and connect with on a regular basis.

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One day a Burmese fisherman who had been working off the shores of Bang Sai, Thailand came into port and was walking around the city. His name was Saw Ou.

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It’s a place known for drugs, violence, and broken families. People go there to run away from their problems, but their problems seem to follow them.

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For the past several years, I’ve lived in a very remote part of the world where I’ve been a part of a small team that has been focused on learning one of the unwritten languages of a people group in our region. During this time, I have often dreamed about visiting a certain place on the map which is only accessible by foot and is home to a people group that has never heard the Gospel.

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Several months ago, a short-term team came to Thailand for two weeks and helped run a one-week English camp. A young girl named Kao attended that camp. Afterward, she began coming to church with us. Several weeks later, she asked if I would help her prepare for an English speech competition. Gladly, I agreed.

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Every year, we host a gathering for our workers across North Africa. It’s always a time of rich fellowship and support for leaders who are under-resourced and often isolated. Sometimes, however, some of the leaders are unable to attend because they can’t acquire travel visas.

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They had been friends for many years. Many cups of tea. Many discussions about life. Games of chess. Friendly arguments about religion and politics. Two white-haired men in a small town in Central Asia, prominent businessmen and leaders in their Muslim community.

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Noor is a young man in North Africa who has a vital ministry on the internet. In connection with a TV program that proclaims the Gospel in Arabic, Noor receives calls online from people all over the world and he shares his faith in Jesus with them.

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We have charts with zeros on them. These charts are meant to keep track of how people groups in our region are being engaged by the Gospel. For many of these groups, there are zero believers, zero house fellowships, zero Bibles, and zero Bible translators. It can be discouraging.

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