God is transforming lives in mission and we would like to share these stories of transformation with you. Read about God's work in the stories from our missionaries and short term mission teams.

We have charts with zeros on them. These charts are meant to keep track of how people groups in our region are being engaged by the Gospel. For many of these groups, there are zero believers, zero house fellowships, zero Bibles, and zero Bible translators. It can be discouraging.

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I felt naked without my Bible. I felt lost. The only reason why I didn’t bring it with me into the village was because Robert Thiessen, one of the long-term missionaries in Mexico, had challenged us to go with nothing except the basic necessities. It was supposed to teach us something. Anyway, it was only for two weeks.

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“Fruiticana kahan hai?” An elderly Indo-Canadian man stopped me on the sidewalk.
“What?” I asked, not quite sure if I had understood.

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Ever since Loong came to faith in Jesus when he was twenty-one years old, he had a growing desire to serve God as a preacher of the Gospel. But church leaders kept telling him that he was unqualified.

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The other soldiers often mocked him. Henry (not his real name) was only a young Christian when he began serving with the national military, but he was very public about his faith in Jesus and so he often encountered ridicule.

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She works in a factory in a remote part of Central Asia. She cleans toilets, mops floors and wipes tables in the lunchroom. But recently, this woman encountered Jesus in a dream and became his follower.

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My name is Virgelino Cordoba Serrano and I live in Colombia, South America. My friends call me Lino.

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Ma’Ja is a shopkeeper. In her store in Bang Sai, Thailand, she sells Burmese food supplies. For almost two years, I’ve been visiting her store and sharing the Gospel with her. But, as a devout Buddhist, she never showed any interest.

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Recently, our three-year-old son asked Jesus to make it rain. He also prayed boldly for thunder and lightning and a rainbow.

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If you had told me three years ago that one day our Burmese church would have women attending, couples and even children, I would have fallen off my chair!

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