God is transforming lives in mission and we would like to share these stories of transformation with you. Read about God's work in the stories from our missionaries and short term mission teams.

God is transforming lives in Massama, Portugal. Marjorie Ekk, missionary with MB Mission, has been teaching Sunday school to children for most of her life. In the past three years she has led classes in Portugal’s new church plant in Massama, west of Lisbon. Many of the children have come and gone, but three children in particular are consistently present Sunday mornings.

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MB Mission's 2008 summer ACTION : Winnipeg program sent a team of two girls, Cindy Elias and Jessica Reeve, to Toyota City, Japan to minister beside MB Mission missionaries Laurence and Leona Hiebert for six weeks. While in Japan they exercised their teaching skills as they administered English as a Second Language courses to eager Japanese students.

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Missionaries Ryan* and Melissa* had nothing but blind faith and complete trust when they hired a nomad couple they had never met before to watch over one of their most valuable assets – their land.

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Pastor Madou has been the answer to Phil and Carol Bergen ’s prayers. The couple, who partner with MB Mission in Burkina Faso to translate scripture into Nanerige, are ready to show this unreached African tribe what’s so good about God’s word. Now they have a pastor who can do this!

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Joanna Chapa is studying Health Education and Biblical Studies at Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas. In 2008 she participated in MB Mission’s TREK program, serving as team leader in Toyota City, Japan.

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When Katie Housek and the three other members of the Nomad Team came into the entrance of a valley, she sensed that this physical access was an entrance to something bigger – an opening to a spiritual realm.

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Amber Griffioen of Operation 2nd Wave team in Phuket, Thailand knows what it’s like to live in limbo. For almost four months she struggled to qualify for the visas she needed in order to stay in Thailand and continue her ministry there.

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God is building his Church in Germany. In a country where only 2% of the population are considered Evangelical Christians, the church is perceived as trivial and irrelevant. But in God’s great compassion, He’s taking the lost, the broken, and the self-reliant and drawing them to Himself.

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There are very few Japanese who enjoy being the kumi-cho. In fact, more people regard this position as a burden than a delight. But for MB Mission church planter Laurence Hiebert, the role of kumi-cho, or community leader, has enabled him to make many connections and build friendships with countless neighbours in his cluster of houses in Toyota City, Japan. God is using these friendships to break up the hard soil in the hearts of the Japanese and plant seeds of truth.

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It started out as a simple longing for pizza. Wheat and dairy: two products that most of us consume every single day, multiple times a day, even. But for one member of Trever and Joan Godard’s prayer team in Guadalajara, Mexico, pizza was on her forbidden foods list, its ingredients causing severe allergic reactions to her system.

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