Bible Study

Loong is thrilled to be seeing his dream come true of becoming a messenger of the Gospel among his own people.

And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

Discipling leaders is one of the greatest needs of churches worldwide. Whether training to become school teachers, church pastors, or community health workers, many young adults are filled with passion and vision to transform their communities.

But students lack opportunities we take for granted in North America. Books, courses, mentors and internships are scarce in places where leaders are needed most, like in Southeast Asia.

Meet Loong. When he came to faith in Jesus at the age of twenty-one, he had a dream of serving God as a preacher of the Gospel. But church leaders kept telling him that he was unqualified.

He was also poor and from an isolated village. Although Loong wanted to go to Bible school, there was no opportunity.

So he waited. But while he waited, Loong held on to his dream of becoming a messenger of the Gospel among his own people.

After five years of waiting, Loong heard about the Changed Life Center (CLC) in Northern Thailand. He made arrangements, crossed the border and found the Center where he met a man with MB Mission who coordinated training for a large network of church planters in Southeast Asia. Loong told the man about his dream and asked, “Can God use me to bring the Gospel to villages in my country? Can you help me fulfill my dream?”

“Yes!” the man spoke plainly to Loong.

“I want to serve God like you,” Loong replied.

“No,” the man said, “not like me, like Christ.” The MB Mission worker went on to explain that Loong must be bold and humble about sharing the word of God with others.

After some training, Loong returned to his village.

Two months later, Loong returned to CLC with three friends and a full report about what God had done. These three men had led 125 people to Christ in five different villages and they were regularly gathering together for worship. In one week alone, they baptized seventy-five new believers. PK and the others at CLC rejoiced with these men and, after two days of training, sent them back to their village.

Today, in Loong’s village alone, there are 175 followers of Jesus. As a church, they are currently making plans to construct a building where they can all gather together. Loong continues to visit the Changed Life Center three times per year for one-week training sessions. He is growing in his faith and in his stature as a church leader, and he is thrilled to be seeing his dream come true of becoming a messenger of the Gospel among his own people. During the past year, Loong has been completing Bible courses by extension through the Center. Within months, he will graduate with a certificate in Biblical studies.

Your support can transform the life of a young leader like Loong.