God’s kingdom is expanding as the Gospel is proclaimed and churches are planted among the least reached. Through training new missionaries, supporting national missionaries from other MB conferences, and initiating mission work and projects in new locations, we are a part of the growth of God’s kingdom around the world.

In Southeast Asia, one of our workers named PK told us an incredible story about how God transformed a remote village. PK reports that, “One hundred and twenty-eight people in the village have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior – all in the past month! This is a village in a restricted area where the Gospel had never been preached.”

This transformation began when one of the villagers named Seurt was dying of lung cancer and asked PK to pray for him. Seurt was miraculously healed and subsequently came to faith in Jesus. Immediately, he returned to his family and began to tell them and others in the village about what God had done for him.

Two months later, Seurt called PK, asking, “What should I do with these fifty people who come to my house every Sunday and ask me to pray for them and to help them accept Jesus Christ? I don’t know how to teach. I only know how to pray. Please help me.”

The church in Seurt’s village needs help. We are eager to send workers who will be able to nurture these new believers, to teach the Scriptures and train leaders.

Our vision is “holistic church planting that transforms communities among the least reached.” We are excited about focusing our efforts where the resources are needed most. With your support, we are sending, resourcing, and equipping church-planting teams to serve those who are desperate for the Good News.

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