God loves to see his church work together in fulfilling his mission. This is the goal of church teams - to give churches the opportunity to minister together in a cross-cultural setting. MB Mission wants to help mobilize your church through intentional discipleship in experiential mission. As a church team, you will join one of our long term missionary teams, whether it is one that you support or another, and assist with their current ministry needs.  We will help you strengthen your church’s relationship with a long term missionary.

Program Structure: Our staff will work with you to coordinate your church team. We ask that you gather the participants and we will organize your orientation, assignment and debrief. Below is an explanation of each part.

Orientation: Personal, team and ministry training.
Assignment: International ministry placement (i.e. prison ministry, sports camps, painting, etc.)
Debrief: Personal and team closure and preparation for return home.

Participant Requirements: Church teams are open to active members of Mennonite Brethren churches who have a personal relationship with Christ.

Cost: Once the program is set up, we will provide you with the cost per person.