ACTION Ontario

ACTION Ontario

Where are you going with God?

God is inviting you to step out in faith and go to new places with Him. Some of those places might be exotic destinations around the globe, but many more will be unexplored places of the heart. 

God is your Navigator and the Holy Spirit your Compass. Get ready for an international adventure with Jesus.


We are excited to launch a new ACTION Ontario concept. This year we are offering two options, including one in partnership with Global Shore Opportunities for a special discipleship and work term.

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We all need spiritual renewal and ministry training, especially when embarking on global mission. For decades, MB Mission’s strength has been how they prepare and debrief their short-term mission participants. We invest heavily in you, so that you are blessed, and that you are a blessing to others. Common themes include intimacy with Jesus, healthy teams, following the Holy Spirit, serving with humility, and walking cross-culturally. Prepare yourself for uncharted territory.


The partnership between ACTION and Global Shore Opportunities allows young adults to have both a summer job and participate in short-term service. Work the asparagus harvest season for Sandy Shore Farms during the months of May and June while you live in a discipleship community. You will earn over $4000 during the work term, which can be used for your mission trip or further education in the Fall. Check out their website

We are offering TWO kinds of ministry assignments. You may choose either a 16 day assignment among Church plants and First Nations ministries in Canada, or a full summer assignment including a work term with Global Shore Opportunities, and seven-week assignment in Guatemala. Other assignment options after the work term include ACTION France or Peace Camps. Contact us for more information. 

No mission is complete without a time to rest, reflect, refresh and learn how to re-enter home life well. This may be the the most critical stage of your mission journey. We will help you understand your experience, what you learned about the Kingdom, and discern what mission looks like in everyday and ongoing life back home.


Ministry Support covers all of your expenses during Orientation & Debrief, transportation and lodging, food and ministry activities while on Assignment. MB Mission requires that you cover the following additional expenses: Transportation to Orientation and from Debrief, Passport, Travel Visa, Vaccinations and Travel Health Insurance.

  • OPTION 1: approximately $3000 + international flights
  • OPTION 2: approximately $5500 + international flights


ACTION Ontario is a program for Christian Young Adults who want to experience spiritual renewal as well as discipleship training in a global mission context. This program is specifically aimed at young people aged 17-30 who have a heart for the world, however older adults and families are welcome too. 

Please contact us at      philips(at)      for further discussion.



Global Shore Bigger

We are collaborating with the amazing ministry of Global Shore Opportunities. They have been developing leaders and serving in Guatemala since 2002. This year we will partner with them for the Work-Discipleship term and the Guatemala assignment.