2017 Financial Report

Several years ago, David Bosch, a missiologist from South Africa, said, “In the future, peacemaking will be evangelism.” This is the reality of global mission today, and it’s happening all over the world. People are desperate for peace, and they are finding hope in an encounter with the Prince of Peace. When it gets very dark, the light shines brighter. As a mission rooted in the historic peace church with clear evangelical convictions, we believe peacemaking is introducing others to the reality of Jesus in our lives.

I was recently in Iraq hosting a series of outreach meetings with a co-worker. The meeting hall was filled with survivors of civil war, many of them refugees. Hundreds of people received prayer and encountered the power and presence of Jesus. One man, previously a prominent Mullah, told me about his recent conversion and asked for prayer. He was formerly an advocate for the violence legitimized by religion, but Jesus has transformed him. He said that there are many leaders like him who are deeply questioning their religious beliefs because of widespread violence and the lack of integrity among their leadership. There is a spiritual shaking happening throughout this region and around the world in these days. We are praying for the strongholds of darkness to fall and the light of Jesus to shine!

We want to see the global Church mobilized into global mission. We want to see Christ followers from everywhere responding to where global needs are greatest, whether that is in war-torn regions of the Middle East or in the mega-cities of Asia or in the rural Midwest of North America. We want to see more of God’s servants engaged globally as peacemakers, church planters, and community changers, so that the Gospel of Christ will continue to bring transformation, healing and hope. Together, we are working with the global church to embrace one mission – local, national and global.

Thank-you for your faithfull and generous support,

Randy Friesen
General Director

2017 Financials